A magazine-style gift catalog giveaway created for Kate's Paperie
Kate's Paperie in New York is famous for its unique gift wrapping. Our mandate was to produce a holiday gift guide that was equally creative in both looks and content, to enhance Kate's Paperie's image as not just a place for excellent gift wrapping, but also as an expert on the gifts inside. The cover design plays off the the title "Unwrapped" with layered, uneven sheets that only partially covered the booklet. The content broke the gift categories according to personalities, complete with mini interviews from celebrities who fit that personality type, giving their take on the best gifts they've both wanted and have received.

The final piece won Best of Show at the Mohawk Show 10, as well as a feature as one of the best in Catalog Design in Communication Arts magazines Design Annual 50.

Creative Direction, Art Direction & Design - George Gozum
Writer, Editor & Photo Editor - Rima Suqi
Photographer - Kate Norberg
Production Designer - Meghan Eplett
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