Since Shopbop is an online-only retailer, packaging is the first real-life element that customers will get to touch and hold. I wanted to make sure that receiving a Shopbop package was a branded, aesthetically-pleasing experience.

Shopbop ships worldwide and is a well-known brand for luxury products. As such, overt branding on shipping boxes could lead to theft, especially in areas where deliveries are less secure. Great thought was put into how the packages could be branded while not drawing too much undue attention in the shipping process.

1. Shipping Cartons & Envelopes

To avoid theft, I designed the Shopbop boxes to be plain, brown cardboard boxes on the outside, but with the surprise of a high-gloss, colored interior in a signature Shopbop color of orange, peach or purple. There are multiple box sizes to accommodate various order sizes, and lining colors vary according to box size.

Packing material was a branding moment too: recyclable logo-branded air pillows are a a more-eco-friendly alternative to other forms of packing material. A branded invoice sleeve completes the standard shipping packaging.

A single stripe of signature Shopbop color via custom-colored packaging tape subtly brands
the packages without drawing too much attention.
Complete shipping box packaging suite
For smaller items, polybags in solid Shopbop signature colors make a striking yet 'quiet' branding statement.
Mechanical views of the invoice sleeve, featuring the signature Shopbop pattern print in the lining.

2. Gift Packaging

Gift purchases wrapped in the new Shopbop gift wrap/packaging will arrive in the brightly-colored interiors of the regular shipping boxes, so a high-gloss white box secured with black grosgrain ribbon makes a luxurious statement. Inside is a contrasting matte liner box in Shopbop signature peach, while the gift item will be wrapped in Shopbop signature printed tissue paper, secured with Shopbop orange logo stickers.
While the boxes will be consistent, the tissue paper will change, with a new signature pattern each season. 
All placed photography and images courtesy of Shopbop
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