Extended branding of the nascent Rondina New York label across the web and social media channels.
Startup knitwear company Rondina New York, a New York-based fashion and apparel group with a peer-to-peer business model, needed to promote itself quickly and consistently via its online communications. Even before its website was designed, a blog was created to set the look and feel for the new brand, with an email program and graphics also maintaining the visual look and feel of the new fashion brand.
Sample 'Fashion quotes' graphics concepts created to add a tonal 'texture' to the social media posts, with much of the content added in the Facebook texts and blog articles. Graphics layouts were kept very clean and luxuriously simple to complement the open look and feel of the brand's website, with additional content in the captions whether they were blogged, added to Pinterest or posted on facebook.
Initial photography was limited to catalog shots of the clothing, so fashion tableaux were created using the available images, composed to create mini fashion 'stories' both on the website as 'hero' images and to be shared on social media.

The simple "Discover Rondina New York"  kept the message simple, since additional content could be added in the post text in Facebook or Instagram.

Clean, branded graphic blocks were designed for use on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, introducing looks from Rondina's new collection. These same blocks were later re-shared on users' Pinterest pages and blog posts.
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