New responsive email templates to upgrade the luxury brand's email communications
Email template redesigns created for the US division of luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

With an eye toward updating their look and feel while adding versatility to their US email newsletters, these templates were created to straddle the line between Louis Vuitton's existing web design and the new print design directions emerging from their Paris headquarters.

The new templates allow for multiple layout variations that can accommodate more extensive content and messaging than their previous templates, and were designed to be responsive.

Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Typography was adapted from Vuitton's LV The Book, which features a new range of Louis Vuitton fonts and a looser editorial feel with freeform layouts and type treatments. The challenge was to create a grid format that incorporated that new direction within a tighter email grid format.

Fonts used in these designs were simulacrums for exclusive new Louis Vuitton typefaces.

This alternate layout was more structured, and reflected the current website design in an updated html email template, uses current Louis Vuitton exclusive typefaces.
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