Animated email templates to upgrade the luxury brand's email communications
Email template designs created for the US division of luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton US wanted a customizable animated invitation template for their many store events throughout the country.

The challenge was to create an animation that would play directly in the user's email client, optimized to a file size that would not activate any spam filters while keeping its visual integrity and adherence to the LV brand identity.

The envelope design was adapted from the actual print envelope that the brand mails out, while the card layout represented two directions, one main one that coordinated with the current website design, and another that was customized with color to suit the particular event.
The final template involved motifs that were consistent with the LV website as well as a custom envelope design that the company actually mailed out to its mailing list.
An earlier version sent out in a customized color to reflect the motifs of ths specific event. The new envelope had not yet been adapted when this ainmated invitation was released.
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