A selection of recent logo design work, shown in black and white.
Logo / personal monogram for Jeff Larsen and Joe Bolduc, used for their wedding invitations
Logo for Rondina New York, a direct-to-consumer contemporary knit clothing label designed in NYC
Calligraphy for handwritten script logo for Second / Layer, a contemporary menswear fashion label out of Los Angeles; with additional production design provided by Ant de Padovane.
Logo for WDR Direct, a women's fashion apparel manufacturer based in New York
Logo mark for Jade Trau, a new jewelry designer based in New York. The logo mark was designed to be engraved in very small sizes on actual fine jewelry.
Logo for Mojo, a new line of condoms manufactured and distributed in China
Logo for New York design and marketing agency, Ziji Media
Logo mark concept for Daniel Yiu Analytics, a marketing consulting service
Logo concept design for Tribeca Park Dermatology, a high end cosmetics and dermatology practice in NYC
Logo for Teddy Bear Holding, Inc., a holding company that focuses on gifts, gift giving and creativity
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