Flash Sale Jewelry website
InsideConnexion sought to be the first Flash Sale site devoted to high-end jewelry. The site design had to meet the aesthetics demanded by a high-end clientele shopping for luxury goods, yet still be accessible enough to bargain-hunters. I was commissioned by the startup to create the UI based on the Volusion ecommerce platform, which was pre-selected by the client.

Despite the many technical challenges encountered with the Volusion system's CMS functionality as well as its front-end layout limitations, we were able to customize the system to create a clean, highly-functional site that could meet the needs of a savvy ecommerce shopper, while allowing the client to effectively deal with the quick turnaround of a Flash Sale site.

Functions: Art Director, Designer, Information Architect

I do not hold copyrights to any of the brands featured in these layouts, as they were placed for positioning only. All placed images and rights therewith belong to their respective brands.
Final homepage design
Original homepage design showing a more minimal interface with more whitespace
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