Designer Siki Im takes a cigarette break with model Chris Beek during pre-show prep
For the runway show, Siki Im Models were styled with dried clay on the napes of their necks, as seen on model Philipp Bierbaum. A phalanx of hairdressers applied and dried the clay using hairdryers.

A model dons a sheath of fabric to prevent makeup smudges as he gets dressed.

Models were all assigned personal dressers to help get them properly outiftted, as seen here with models Sung Jin and Fernando Cabral.
Fernando Cabral sports his runway look.

While waiting in line for their show exits, Max von Isser chats with Taylor Cowan.
detail of Siki Im illustration
detail of Philipp Bierbaum portrait
Detail of the models lining up, featuring Baptiste Radufe, Yannick Abrath, Max von Isser and Taylor Cowan
detail of Fernando Cabral in his runway outfit.
closeup detail of Fernando Cabral
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