East Dane Style Guide

East Dane was the brother site to Shopbop, but the ED customer was not simply the male version of the Shopbop girl. The East Dane customer was more of a contemporary Everyman who is neither trend-driven nor conservative, but somewhere comfortably in-between.

It's with this customer in mind that this style guide was created, to provide a detailed overview of the design and editorial directions for the East Dane site, and how it created a shopping experience that's perfect for its target customers.

In auditing the East Dane site for this guide, especially as someone who has also contributed to the site design, I not only documented its current design direction but provided exacting measurements that could enable new designers to come in and seamlessly create new content that is consistent with the ED look and feel.  Even the design of this style guide has helped solidify and create additional design language that is being incorporated back into the East Dane design.
All content, placed photography and images courtesy of Shopbop/East Dane/Amazon and used for portfolio purposes only, and may be removed at copyrights owner's request.
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