Dirty Little Drawings: C**shot Series
An ongoing series of erotic portraits circa 2003
Originally created for the "Dirty Little Drawings" show at the Leslie Lohman Gay & Lesbian Gallery in NYC in 2003, this series of erotic portraits were originally sold as individual digital prints. All the artwork in the show was limited to a size measuring 5" x 5", hence the name of the exhibit.

I wanted to create artwork that showed no explicit nudity yet was still extremely erotic and homoerotic. Each painting was drawn and painted directly in Photoshop and/or Painter with a Wacom tablet, with no photo manipulation whatsoever. The idea is that the images featured are of actual moments of the models at their most intimate, based on a photo or video stills taken personally by me for this series.

In 2003 when I started the series, this type of subject matter wasn't common, and seemed to me to be very original and daring at the time. Several years later there is a glut of similar work, both in photos as well as videos. The series has been very well received, and is ongoing towards a goal of 18 portraits total. All models were 18 years or older at the time they posed.

Selected images from this series have been featured in the books Dirty Little Drawings and Jewels, both published by Bruno Gmunder, as well as in articles in magazines Next and Manner Actuel.
Ben  /  Patrick
Rob 1  /  Rob 2
John  /  Wade
Mitch  /  PJ
Jared  /  Doug
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