When mass retailer Ann Taylor rebranded, they upgraded to a more fashion-forward aesthetic with elevated photography, refined, modern type treatments, and a subdued color palette. The new Ann Taylor branding was a sophisticated departure from its mass market roots.

Working with Design Director Ray Ferraro, I helped extend that new branding into its email marketing, and created new typographic layouts, themes and animations for brand franchises, sale alerts to multi day campaigns.

Sale Email Templates

How does one balance visual sophistication while simultaneously promoting a sense of urgency for sales and discounts? While the company's rebrand created an elevated fashion-forward new look and feel for Ann Taylor, it did not thoroughly explore the needs of a promotional messaging. 

My task was to flesh out that branding specifically into the promotional realm, with new email templates and visual strategies, especially toward expanding the beautiful but limited color palette.

Standardized yet versatile templates were needed to deploy sale emails with strong typographic messages. I designed various templates based on the Ann Taylor brand typography and dusty color palette, allowing for quick updates with nevertheless elegant results. 
An existing template was tweaked to allow for bigger, multiple images to animate behind a 'roadblock'-style Sale callout.

Multi-day Email Campaigns

day events were designed with unifying visual motifs, but varied from day to day (via animations and layouts) so as to keep users engaged.

This Spring Event campaign took place over 4 days and featured an animated butterfly theme and soft, Spring palette that did very well with users. Emails are shown in the order that they were sent.

Motifs and animations were carried over to the website for consistent event branding

Store Alert Email Templates

Email designs were needed for Ann Taylor retail stores during transitions such as renovations or closings. A series of templates was created so that both designers and store managers would have a readily-available library to work with when they needed to send out notifications to their customer base.
Round Up Templates

Used both for editorial as well as promotional emails, these longer format email layouts were finessed to allow extensive descriptive copy to work within the visual guidelines.
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